A Running Start

Come run this road with OK Timing Plus!

Whether you need timing for your course, coaching on your runs, or a class or clinic for your group, OK Timing Plus can help.

Bruce to the front

I’m Bruce Oakley, and I have been OK with running for some time.

First steps came after the high school golf coach suggested I’d have more success running around a course than playing on one and caddied me to the cross-country locker room.

I put on gym clothes and sneakers (it was 1972, the year the patent application was submitted for waffle soles on specialty running shoes) and joined about a dozen classmates jogging the three-mile route posted on the bulletin board. I was 12 years old, 5 feet tall and not quite 100 pounds, and a 5K was just that thing one did to start running for fun.

“Run for fun!” was always on the workout sheet or any other post on our bulletin board. That has been the sign I have followed on this long road, and the spirit I hope to share wherever the road winds.

As years went by, I ran and ran, repeating my high school workouts, reading running books and magazines, logging miles with friends, and sharing what I knew. I won smaller local races and age-group awards at regional events, and I came to be “that running guy” at different waypoints on life’s road.

Business with pleasure

Bruce and April, 7/4/2021 
April and Bruce had
fine finishes July 4, 2021.

In 2021, April Kramer stepped up from my “Rundamentals” coaching client to business partner to launch OK Timing Plus, combining our passion, experiences, and willpower in a run-support enterprise. April has moved on to other endeavors but OK Timing Plus is still here with RFID-chip race timing, as well as private coaching, classes, and clinics. If you need running support, you’ll find it here.

I am an RRCA-certified coach and have led youth starter programs, directed beginner clinics for adult women, and guided runners from high school athletes to marathoners trying to qualify for Boston. I have experience running while managing chronic disease and after injury rehabilitation. Shared wisdom from my past coaching enterprise remains available online at Rundamentals.fitness.

Ready, set, go!

OK Timing Plus can meet you wherever you may be on this long, lovely road.

Run for fun: It’s OK!